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Allison Lang

Mannequin, Influenceur.euse, Conférencière

Cheveux: Bruns
Yeux: Noisettes
Taille: 5'7" (170cm)
Vêtement : 8
Poitrine: 34C
Tour de taille: 28
Hanche: 36
Pointure de soulier: 9
Langue(s): Anglais, Français avec accent

Allison is a speaker, content creator, model, and national athlete for Team Canada's Women's Sitting Volleyball Team.

She was born missing the lower half of her left leg and was severely bullied in school for having a disability. When she was a teenager, she struggled with her body-image and self-confidence. It wasn't until her mid 20s that she started to accept her body.

This led her to her passion of advocating for people with disabilities and making it her mission to create a more accessible and body-inclusive world by sharing her story with others.

Through her social media platforms, she educates others about disabilities to normalize them and dismantle ableism. Her goal is to set an example by highlighting that ALL bodies are beautiful and contribute to a beautifully diverse society.

She holds a degree in Education and a degree in Photography, both elevating her strong content creation and speaking skills.

Allison has been on Team Canada's Women's Sitting Volleyball Team for a total of 7 years. She has competed in the Pan American Games and World Championships, where her team got silver. She is currently training in hopes to compete in the Paralympics in Paris 2024 and become a first time Paralympian.